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Full Review O n Asus Zenbook Flip UX362f
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Laptops, this product catagory is not growing in India as like as smartphones. We are thankful to jio for the inovation in the smartphone market and digital dunia. The main reason why laptops are not growing in india is its high cost and lack of variety. Majority of the laptops come with same concept, same design and the price starts from INR 20k. It isbalso a headache to carry out the laptops in India like crowdy country. There are only some selected brands who continuously trying to give better options in the laptop catagory. Some of them brought 360' technology, some brought 2-in-1 technology, some brought smaller, thiner laptops etc. Asus Zenbook Flip UX362F is one of them which comes with 2-in1 technology and 13" compact size. With its 360' hinch you can use it  as a laptop and as a tablet.

Asus Zenbook Flip UX362F is basically the upgraded version of previous zenbook series. We bought a retail unit of this Asus Zenbook Flip UX362F to give you a perfect unbiased review of it. now lets jump to the main points. --->>

Price : 
As I already told we, Indians first set up a budget range before buying anything. So, we consider the budget as a primary selection point. this Zenbook costs 86,990 Rs for 8th gen Intel core i7 processor, 77,990 Rs for 8th gen Intel core i5 processor. We have have used the i7 verient for 7 days and making the review after.
Asus has mastered in build quality. Every laptop from its house come with awsome built quality. In case ROG we also noticed same built quality. In this model they used plastic as their primary material and it is feeted with rubber. It has zenbook zen-circle with Asus logo on it. It has dedicated space for airflow and speaker grill at the bottom. The keyboard and mouse are on its ideal space but there are only 2 USB ports along with Chrging Port on the right side of the laptop. there are headphone jack , light indecator, power button on the left side of it. It weights only 1.3Kgs which is quite good we think. It will be useful for solo travellers, vloggers, students. We think its OK-OK in this section.

Display :
It comes with 13.3" FHD IPs display. Thescreen:Body ratio is 20:9. Its trend now to use smaller thiner lapotops.We think the diplay section is average.
Performance : 
The model we recieved 8th Gen i7 processor is clocked on 1.8 GHz, comes with 8GB RAM and 512 GB SSD storage. If you are thinking that I will fail to perform then you are wrong. We did 30 minutes of heavy use on it and It didn't disappoint us. We. opened 20 apps at the same time and surfed internet on it. All apps were working well enough. We also played heavy games like PUBG to test the graphics card used on it. It was slightly warmed during use.

Battery :
The company claims that the battery can last upto 24 Hrs. But all the laptop company lies about this. We didn't used it for 6-7Hrs so we considered Gadgets Now Review in this matter. According to GN Review (with 70% brightness and wifi turned on it lasts maximum  4 Hrs .)
This laptop comes with 65W fast charger that charge it 0% to 100 % in just 90 minutes and 0% to 505 in just 25 minutes.
Our Opinion  
At the price tag of Rs 77,990 it provides a lot, I repeat a lot. It design, build quality, battery, performance give a complete smooth experience. But the battery life and selected ports are the disadvantages of it. You can go for it and we think you will never be compromised.

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